Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I login to the Mashreq sMiles portal?
A1. You need to register yourself on the portal. Registration is a very simple, three step process:
Step 1: Visit the Mashreq sMiles link, enter your registered mobile number and email id or date of birth and click 'activate'
Step 2: The portal sends you an OTP (one time password) on your registered mobile number with Mashreq Bank. This should be the same mobile number you have just entered to activate.
Step 3: Enter the OTP in the space provided and click to activate your account. The portal will take you to your account home screen. We recommend that you take a few minutes to browse the portal to discover the power of Mashreq sMiles. Happy Journey!

Q2. Can I use my Mashreq Online banking credentials to transact on Mashreq sMiles website?
A2. No, you need to separately register yourself at Mashreq sMiles portal through the process described in Answer number 1 (above). Your mobile number registered at Mashreq Bank is your login id and you need to create an independent password while activating your Mashreq sMiles account.

Q3. Do I need to register/log-in separately on Mashreq sMiles website?
A3. Yes, the registration/log-in process on Mashreq sMiles website is independent of your access to Mashreq Bank's online banking.

Q4. Is my e-mail address required for my Mashreq sMiles account?
A4. It is mandatory to provide your email address and mobile number during the booking process. This helps us to authenticate you and send you the relevant communications including your itinerary/ receipts of your booking. We also communicate the same to the airline, hotels or the respective service providers should they need to get in touch with you, in case of unforeseen circumstances (for instance: rescheduling of flight or cancellation etc.).

Q5. When can I start redeeming my Mashreq sMiles?
A5. You can start redeeming your Mashreq sMiles as soon as they get credited to your account. You don't need to have any minimum sMiles to start redeeming.

Q6. Where can I find my Mashreq sMiles Summary?
A6. You can view your 'Mashreq sMiles' account summary in the My Account section or on the Profile tab on the 'Mashreq sMiles' website.

Air Travel

Q7. Which all airlines and hotels, I can redeem my Mashreq sMiles?
A7. You can redeem your Mashreq sMiles at more than 300 airlines and more than 180,000 hotels worldwide. Besides, you can redeem the sMiles to book Marhaba services, Visa assistance, sports experience, holiday packages, etc.

Q8. Do I have to pay anything for booking the redemption tickets and hotel bookings?
A8. There are no separate redemption charges for redemption of Mashreq sMiles.

Q9. Can I redeem my Mashreq sMiles for ticket and hotel booking for my family or friends?
A9. Yes, you can redeem your Mashreq sMiles for family members and friends.

Q10. How do I know my airline or hotel booking or product purchase was confirmed?
A10. The portal generates e-Receipt and e-Ticket and sends the same to your registered email-id. This will also be available in the My Redemption tab. You may click on the same for viewing or you may choose to email the receipt to your email id.
You can also call Mashreq Bank contact center on 04-424 4444 in case you do not receive the e-Ticket within 24 hours of booking / redemption.

Q11. What if I don't get a confirmation at the time of booking?
A11. If a confirmation page doesn't display once you complete your booking, check your inbox for a confirmation under the Redemption section. In case sMiles have been deducted and you cannot see the purchased product, kindly call us on 04-424 4444 and we will be happy to resolve.

Q12. Can I book tickets for infants on Mashreq sMiles?
A12. Yes, you can book one infant per adult on Mashreq sMiles. As per airline rules, the age of the infant must be below 24 months as on the date of travel. Please make sure that you carry valid proof-of-age document at the time of check-in. The infant is not awarded a seat on the flight and they have to travel with the accompanying adult.

Q13. What is the maximum number of seats I can book?
A13. A maximum of 9 seats can be booked at one time. If you need to book for more than 9 travelers, you will have to re-start the booking process for the additional travelers. Airline rules apply.

Q14. I did a search for flight tickets and selected my flight. However, after providing the passenger details, I see that the fares have increased. Why?
A14. Due to the dynamic nature of airline fare feed, it may happen that when you confirm the booking after entering passengers details, the seats at your selected fare are sold out leading to increased fare. In case the fare has gone up, you may modify the search and select a cheaper flight.

Q15. How do I confirm my seat assignments?
A15. Mashreq sMiles does not offer a pre-seating option. However, you can do web check-in to your flights before you travel through airline portal.

Q16. How do I get a boarding pass for an e-ticket?
A16 .You can check-in in three ways.
1. Some of the airlines provide a web check-in facility, where you can select your seat and print your boarding pass online. If you use this facility, you will have to approach the check-in counter to drop your baggage.
2. You can also check-in using Tele check-in service provided by some of the airlines. In such cases, you will have to present your ticket and ID proof at Airline check-in counter for issuance of boarding card and for baggage drop.
3. Alternatively, you can check-in physically at the airport counters of the airline by presenting your ticket and ID proof.

Q17. How do I find out my baggage limit?
A17. Please note that airline restrictions on baggage apply to both checked-in bags as well as cabin baggage. Kindly contact the airline directly or visit their website for accurate details regarding baggage limit.

Q18. I've booked my tickets but need to add my child's tickets to my booking. How do I do it?
A18. We do not allow child below 12 years to be booked individually. Please contact your airline to create the booking of child directly with them.

Q19. How do I print my ticket?
A19. Just login to your account and visit the My Redemption tab. The redemption tab contains your past redemptions. Just click on the relevant link to view your ticket.

Q20. Can I book a special request like meal, wheel chairs through Mashreq sMiles?
A20. No, Mashreq sMiles website does not support this feature. Please contact the airline directly.

Q21. How do I change a flight reservation?
A21. Please call the number printed on your redemption receipt (eTicket or hotel reservation receipt) to make required amendments - date and time change or upgrade or any other change. Please note that, the airline may charge a fee to amend the tickets. We do not charge any separate amendment fee though. In case of cancellation, we cannot refund the sMiles already redeemed.

Hotel Reservation

Q22. Can more than two adults stay in one room?
A22.Most hotels allow additional guests to stay in a room for an extra charge as long as the room doesn't exceed the maximum number of guests allowed per room. You can directly check with your hotel and they will help you with the request, which is subject to the terms and conditions of the hotel.

Q23. Our children will be traveling with us - do they stay for free?
A23. When making your booking, select the number of children traveling with you from the 'Children' drop-down box. If you select just 1 child, our search will give you the price of a double room with child, not including an extra bed. If you want an extra bed in the room, you need to increase the number of passengers in your search or contact the hotel when you are travelling.

Q24. What if I need a specific type of hotel room (non-smoking, wheelchair friendly, etc.)?
A24. Please book your room and call our contact center number for special service requests. The numbers would be printed on your e-reservation receipt. Once we know your request, we'll do our best to get you what you ask for. However, your request is subject to the terms and conditions of the hotel.

Q25. How long will it take for the hotel to get my booking information?
A25. The time it takes for a hotel to get your booking information varies by specific hotel and arrival date. In most cases the hotel should receive the reservation information within 12 hours of the time you made your booking (except for nights and weekends when the hotel's reservation department is closed). Please note that this does not apply to bookings made for the same day.

Q26. What is my hotel's check-in time?
A26. Typically, the hotel check-in time is after 2:00 pm (local time). Check with your specific hotel for its exact check-in time.

Q27. Will the hotel hold my room if I'm arriving late?
A27. Since your reservation is guaranteed, usually the hotel will hold your room until 7 am, the day after your planned arrival date. Please check the details with your specific hotel for confirmation.

Q28. What if I'm going to arrive early?
A28. If you know you're going to arrive early at your hotel, call them in advance and check with the hotel if they will be able to accommodate you as it's subject to the terms and conditions of the hotel.

Q29. How do I get a receipt or invoice for my hotel booking?
A29. Log in to your Mashreq sMiles Account and visit the My Redemption page. You should be able to see the link depicting your hotel booking. Just click on this link and you can view your receipt.

Q30. How do I cancel my hotel booking?
A30. Your booking cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable.

Q31. By when do I need to amend my hotel booking?
A31. Please refer through the hotel's booking policy mentioned on the booking page and in the printed e-reservation slip, while making the reservation. Please keep in mind that irrespective of what the hotel's booking policy says, you cannot cancel your booking.

Q32. How will I get my sMiles back after cancelling a hotel / air booking?
A32. Mashreq sMiles for cancelled bookings are not refunded or credited back into the account. We recommend you check your booking selection prior to any redemption.